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Ask your Clean Beauty Question?

Gayathri liked 2 years ago

Maskne is a term that is derived from the 'mask' and 'acne'. It is a problem caused by wearing a protective face mask for a long period of time. Hot moisture may get trapped inside the mask, which dilates the... (More)

Tushar commented 2 years ago

W/V and V/V is used to express concentration in % of the solution. V/V stands for Volume/Volume and is used when you mix 2 liquids together. when you mix equal volume of two solution together, you get a concentration of... (More)

Parabens are blacklisted by most Clean Beauty brands because of their severe health effects. I was super curious to see what all the fuss was about, so I researched and read that in the EU, along with 1,300 other chemicals,... (More)