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Make up
Make up

Preparing your skin before applying makeup helps it even out the product without looking cakey or flaky as well as helps it last longer. Regardless of the amount of makeup you are about to apply, you must always prep your... (More)

Make up

Depending on your skin tone, you can check out Ilana Organics and Ruby's Organics as they are great for all skin types.

A perfect skin care gift can be a face tool. You should really consider investing in a Gua Sha. It really helps with puffiness and inflammation. For me, the best part about face tools is that I am not applying... (More)

After applying your foundation base, your face might look flat and shape less. The main point of contouring is to enhance your facial features by embracing your natural shape. The best way to include contouring in your makeup routine is... (More)