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Vitamin C
Vitamin C

Martiderm's Vitamin C ampoules are amazing! I love them, and use them both during the day and at the night. They recommend using them twice a day for better results. You have to cleanse your face, use a toner/mist and... (More)

Hi Fatima, the MartiDerm Flash Ampoules are not recommended for daily application. They are meant to be used when you need an immediate brightening/tightening effect before a big event or big day. To use the ampoules, apply them after cleansing.... (More)

Acne scars can be stubborn to get rid of but try using skin products that include these ingredients: Vitamin C (Ilana’s Brightening Skin Serum), Salicylic Acid ( Etsley Anti Acne Clarifying Serum), AHAS ( MartiDerm Night Renew). 

Due to Coronavirus, many aspects of our life have been shifted online which has increased our screen time. Studies have found that the rays your screen emits is a reason for skin pigmentation. An easy suggestion is to keep applying... (More)