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What is Maskne?

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Maskne is a term that is derived from the 'mask' and 'acne'. It is a problem caused by wearing a protective face mask for a long period of time. Hot moisture may get trapped inside the mask, which dilates the pores and causes oil and bacteria to clog them up. The friction between the mask and the skin can aggravate breakouts as well, leading to acne, redness and irritation.

To prevent the appearance of 'maskne', it is best to follow these simple steps:
- Use masks made from breathable materials such as cotton and avoid materials like polyester. 
- Wash your face mask after every use. 
- Moisturise your skin 30 minutes prior to wearing the mask with a light moisturiser such as the Sukin Oil Balancing Mattifying Moisturiser, or the Conscious Chemist Indulge Ritual Face Cream.
 - Remove it every two hours to allow your skin to breathe (only if it is safe to do so).

On days when I have to step out wearing a mask I keep my skincare routine simple sans any makeup, as makeup could lead to a potential build up on the skin. I have combination skin & therefore I use the Sukin Facial Moisturiser (Pump). 56It is extremely lightweight and protects my skin from any mask friction.