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Asked a question 2 years ago

What is the difference between Hand Sanitiser gel and liquid?

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Hand Sanitiser is used to kill micro-organisms & germs of the hands while also preventing the spread of germs from one hand to the next.

Both Liquid & Gel formulations have similar % of Alcohol in it which makes both gel & liquid equally effective against infection.

Liquid sanitisers tend to act more rapidly (roughly 15 seconds) as it dries faster but can make the hands feel dry & rough. The liquid is best dispensed out of spray bottle & can be a good option to clean your phone, keys, steering wheels & door handles and other surfaces that may become contaminated through contact.

Gel sanitiser takes roughly 20-25 seconds to dry but is usually contains Glycerin & other emollients to make the hands feel softer & Moisturised. The gel makes an excellent choice for keeping your hands clean throughout the day. Easy to dispense & Keep at hand, in your car purse and even around your home.

I prefer gel formulations to sanitise my hands and liquid formulations to sanitiser surfaces and order shipments, also I think gel formulations last longer than liquid hand sanitiser.