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Face tools
Face tools
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Wow, how thoughtful of your friend to gift you a roller! They are truly amazing, and you are going to thank her for it when you see the results! The larger roller is used on your neck, chin, cheeks. Move... (More)

Gua Shas tools from ancient Chinese medicine, which are worth every penny spent on them! They are a little heavy on the pocket, but the sculpted and contoured effect you get after using them is totally worth it. When you... (More)

If you are using it during the day then:

Cleanser > Toner > Serum > face tool > moisturiser

If you are using it at night, then:

Cleanser > Toner > Serum > Moisturiser > Face Oil > Face tool... (More)

Gua Sha and the Jade roller are very similar with a few differences in their application process. We have highlighted the key areas down below:

Jade Roller- Is made of Jade. The stone is known to heal and purify your... (More)